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Tekden Hospitals; Kayseri's first private medical center in 1993 with its specialist doctors working in the field of self-sacrifice, guru-faced hospital staff and satisfaction-oriented service concept accepted its first patient.
Turkey's first private heart hospital patients who Kayseri into service in 1998, the Heart Hospital is committed to providing the best service. Providing diagnostic and treatment services at high standards, it accelerated the rapid growth and provided Tekden Medical Center to Denizli Tekden Hospital in November 2003 and finally Kayseri Tekden Hospital in March 2007.
Tekden Hospitals closely follow the scientific studies and innovations in the field of medicine and adopted the principle of not including advanced technology devices and latest methods and applications into the diagnosis and treatment processes in the centers. In hospitals, not only the patients but also the patients' relatives are provided with special room and dining options considering their comfort.
Tekden Hospitals offering quality health services to their patients with the care, comfort and attention they deserve; These values ​​continue to renew, grow and grow with each passing day.
Offered successful health care with Turkey as well as Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and from different countries such as Tunisia is contributing to thousands of patients to high quality health care by giving medical tourism. The happiness of patients after their treatment shows that all labor is spent on the right path.